Local Plumbing Contractor in San Leandro, CA

Hire a Local Plumbing Contractor That Can Assist You with Cleaning and Repairing Your Drains

Is there an issue with the drainage system in your home? Does the drain in your basement not work? Is water flooding over the floor? Whatever the damage is, if it involves the drainage system, consider hiring a reliable local plumbing contractor like H & R Plumbing and Rooter to take care of the repair work. We can handle all your drainage service needs in San Leandro, CA.

Local Plumbing Contractor San Leandro, CA

Why Hire Pros?

There’s more to drain cleaning than just rinsing it out. Drain issues should be addressed properly, and only professionals can do that. First, you have to take out the screws and the panels covering the piping. Then, you must locate the clog and determine the best way to remove it. You’ll need more than a garden hose to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris stuck in the piping. It won’t be easy, especially if you do not have the expertise and experience. So, for your drains to be fixed, hire a professional plumbing contractor like us.

We Can Handle Drain Work!

Our plumbing repair services include drain cleaning and repair work if necessary. We’ll inspect the entire drainage system and look for clogs and damaged parts. If there is an issue with the system, we’ll determine the best way to fix it. We’ll connect the system back properly so that no water will escape. If there are parts that cannot be fixed, we’ll let you know so that you can make the necessary changes to the piping. We’ll clean everything thoroughly so that there will be no clogs and other issues that could happen again. For your drains to work again, get in touch with us.

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H & R Plumbing and Rooter is a local plumbing contractor that provides effective drain cleaning and repair services to our clients who need them. Do you need help with the drainage system installed in your home in San Leandro, CA? There’s no need to hesitate. Give us a call at (510) 346-5136 today so that we can start right away!

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